Cabal: Assume the role of a well-trained and powerful commando

Cabal is a great arcade shoot-em-up released in 1989. You must assume the role of a well-trained and powerful commando and wage a one man assault of massive military bases to neutralize the threats and wipe out the enemy forces. If you shoot enough, you advance to the next level. Every round in the game has you fighting through enemy bases, camps, and forests, as well as out in the open. Power-ups appear from time to time, being released from objects destroyed onscreen. Some power-ups give special weapons, one of them is an extremely fast machinegun or automatic shotgun which has a larger crosshair. Almost anything can be destroyed if you fire enough bullets or grenades at the objects. You have a small space to move around in with the cursor trailing slightly behind.

When firing you are locked in position but can freely target anything on the map. For defense every level has a few brick walls or other such objects you can hide behind for cover; but will gradually be destroyed. You’re invincible while rolling but it is easy to get hit by a stray bullet once it ends. The enemy AI is good, with some enemies finding different ways to hurt you. For example, while the green men just appear on the screen, shoot at you, then go off-screen, the brown ones will roll to a different place if they are hit. Some of them even waste several seconds trying to throw a grenade. Cabal is neither too easy or hard, for a seasoned arcade player, ending the game will look more like a walk in the park. The Amiga version only has four rounds when the coin-op version actually had five. However, the Amiga version came with the best graphics, sound and music effects then other conversions.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Cabal Amiga, Atari, MS-DOS

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