New enhanced AmigaOS 4.1 Pre-release of ZitaFTP Server

Kea Sigma Delta Limited proudly released ZitaFTP Server 1.12 for AmigaOS 4.1. The current version offers several improvements and bugixes but is still in Pre-release status. A simple configuration GUI will be shown the first time you run the server. This will allow you to add users, directories, set basic permissions, and generate a TLS security certificate. The server will be started once configuration is complete. At that point you can log on using any FTP client (that supports secure FTPS). To connect from an FTP client on the same machine, enter “localhost” as the target machine. ZitaFTP Server is a fast and secure way to transfer files to/from your computer(s) using the FTP and/or FTPS protocols. Transfer files large and small from any computer/mobile-device with a suitable FTP client. A single license will cost €47 up to €188 for 10 seats.

news source: OS4depot / image source: Pexels / download ZitaFTP Server

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