Battlehawks 1942: One of the best World War II combat simulators from the 80s

You are in the cockpit of one of 12 types of Japanese or American plane and you can play a vital part in the reconstruction of your great battles – Coral Sea, Midway, Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz Islands. Depending on the type of plane you have, you can torpedo or dive-bomb battleships, whip the enemy in dogfights, protect damaged ships from attack and possibly rewrite the history books. Basically, Battlehawks is a very good flight simulator. Once a mission or practice session has been selected, you’re into real action.

Flying high above sea level, your mission basically consists of knocking out the enemy fighter planes, while attempting to score a hit on one of the enemy boats. With only one bomb or torpedo, success depends purely on your skill the first time round – there are no second chances in this war. The practice mode will give you a pilot’s dream – infinite ammunition and armour, enemy planes which don’t shoot at you and a safety device which prevents you stalling or flying below 75 feet. In real battles you can save your skin when shot down by ejecting. Battlehawks 1942 is a great release by Lucasfilm and probably one the most loved World War II combat simulators released in the 80s.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / Download Battlehawks 1942 Amiga,MS-DOS,Atari

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