Tutorial: How to Vampireze your Apple Mac

The Vampire is essentially a faster, more-capable 68K-based Amiga than anything to ever come out of Amiga Technologies or Amiga inc. The Apollo Team released several Vampire accelerators in the past and got only positive reviews in the Amiga and retro community. The Vampire V4 stand-alone edition is about 300 times faster than the Commodore Amiga 500. But it’s not just the hardware to offer an enhanced Amiga experience, CoffinOS a modified AmigaOS 3.9 is the super version of the classic Amiga Workbench and offers many improvements and extra’s, all of this in an amazing 24 bit Workbench screen modus. This super enhanced AmigaOS distro offers over 30GB of Amiga goodies and is without doubt the most modern GUI and everything is pre-installed. AMIcast recently released an easy video tutorial of how to install CoffinOS on your Apple Mac using FS-UAE emulator and included some extra tips for perfect optimization. First you need to download CoffinOS (17.2GB), Amiga 1200 kickstart ROM 3.1 and FS-UAE emulator. Start the easy Youtube tutorial(13min) and have fun. FS-UAE is also compatible with Linux and Windows so there should be no problem to vampireze your PC.

news source: AMIcast / image source: Pexels / Watch Tutorial (MacOS)

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