Top 10 iconic Commodore Amiga game soundtracks

When Commodore’s Amiga launched in 1986, it was a machine ahead of its time. It seems worth exploring some of the pioneers of the 16bit music era – and where better to start than with the legendary Commodore Amiga! In the late 80s and early 90s, the high quality graphics, great gameplay, and banging soundtracks gave the Amiga platform the reputation of being cutting edge. Packed with innovative technology, its sound chip, Paula, could play back four sampled sounds simultaneously, something that just a few years earlier had been the sole preserve of high-end electronic synthesizers. The Amiga’s sample playback gave it a voice that distinguished it from the computers and consoles that had come before it. It could sound like microchip music, but it could also sound orchestral or rocky. These are 10 of the most memorable theme tunes to come out of that Amiga era, before the CD brought studio sound to the world of gaming.

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