Analogic Computers is selling refurbished A1200 & A4000 motherboards

Analogic Computers UK recently announced the availability of refurbished Amiga 1200 & Amiga 4000 motherboards. The Kingston based Computer repair company established since 1987 is selling re-capped A4000 motherboards for just £650 and A1200(NTSC) motherboards for £279.95. The A1200 was launched a few months after the Amiga 600, Whereas the A600 used the 16-bit Motorola 68000, the A1200 was built around the faster and more powerful Motorola 68EC020. The A1200 has a similar hardware architecture to Commodore’s Amiga CD32 game console. The Commodore Amiga 4000, is the successor of the A2000 and A3000. There are two models: the A4000/040 released in October 1992 with a Motorola 68040 CPU, and the A4000/030 released in April 1993 with a Motorola 68EC030. The Amiga 4000 system design was generally similar to that of the A3000, but introduced the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) chipset with enhanced graphics. The SCSI system from previous Amigas was replaced by the lower-cost Parallel ATA.

news source: Facebook / image source: Generationamiga

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