Report fake news

Fake news is news, stories or hoaxes created to deliberately misinform or deceive readers. Usually, these stories are created to either influence people‚Äôs views or cause confusion and can often be a profitable business for online content publishers. Sometimes reporters publish a story with unreliable information or without checking all of the facts which can mislead audiences, etc… Reporting fake news can only be done by authentic Amiga hardware developers or Amiga software developers. If any of these two disagree with any given related content on this website, then I will be the first to moderate and replace any kind of wrong information. If you are a reader of GenerationAmiga and have a different opinion about any given content then I can respect that, but any kind of opinion dons’t necessary mean that it is based on facts. Keep in mind that GenerationAmiga’s focus is all about the Amiga platform in general. Just like any Playstation, Windows, Xbox or political magazine will promote and defend it’s favorite product or political point of view, so will GenerationAmiga. If have never seen any PS magazine mentioning that the upcoming PS5 is not worth buying or Apple outlets telling it’s audience that the new Mac PRO is bad. This magazine will do no different, the upcoming A1222 from A-EON Technology is good, the Vampire V4 is good, and most of the Amiga games written in assembler or any other kind of programming language is worth mentioning. The A1222/x5000 is PowerPC based and can never compete with any new hardware, Vampire V4 is FPGA and can do it either, and most of the new released Amiga games can never be compared with modern AAA game titels such as Battelfield 5. But these people and companies are doing the effort and it’s worth mentioning and promoting it. Mistakes have been done and I admit that, but keep in mind that this magazine is done by just one man and there is no kind of profit model. Keep it real, this is a small magazine compared with so many other online magazines. Be reasonable, don’t start attacking this magazine in Facebook groups and Amiga forums, yelling like a 7-year old kid because mommy and daddy gave you the wrong lollypop. I believe in Democracy, but Democracy is about reasonable exchange of each others opinion! Not discriminating and trolling about other individuals or products to make them look bad and ridiculous. Thank you in advance!

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