New Amiga game release : “Enemy 2: Missing in action’

Enemy 2: Missing in action is a sequel to Enemy 1, published by Anachronia in 2013. The story continues seamlessly from the first game release. New levels and new graphics await you. A gigantic new spacecraft is nearing the scene – and opens fire immediately. The pirates’ ship is turned into a fireball. Then, the massive turrets are aimed at the Cromo II. In the very last split second, the crew manages to engage the hyperjump drive and escape. Aboard are the last remaining survivors of the rescue mission. But where are they escaping to? Will humans, Ollocs, and Pirates agree on this long journey? At the same time, a human woman aboard the Cromo III has taken over the power – and now leads the Tschahis. But will the crew of the Giant submit to her as well? They won’t have to wait long for the answer… the adventure continues in the cold depths of space. And one big question remains: Will any of the humans ever return back home to Earth? A great arcade shooter game for classic Commodore Amiga!

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