Capcom’s classic hack-and-slash game Trojan is currently under development for the Amiga

Amiga enthousiast Skyzoo79 has recently announced a new Scorpion project. The upcoming release is a great attempt of remaking Trojan. The game was a side-scrolling action game developed by Capcom, originally released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1986 and was ported to Nintendo and MS-DOS(CGA). The world being under a post-apocalyptic crisis in the near future during the aftermath of a nuclear war that is devastated by a demonic influence of evil sects and terrorists. You a young warrior resistant to the evil spirits, who has taken the battle-name Hero Trojan; for the name sake in being hired to defeat the gang of an evil dictator whom he once worked under, but rebelled against his leader for slaughtering innocent lives. The player’s mission is to infiltrate the lands of the evil army, fighting against pirates and gladiators, exorcising these human-demons from the earth in a gothic/industrial wasteworld with the help of his trusty sword, shield, and his martial arts. Release date is TBA

news source: AmigaFrance

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