Armiga now offers AGA support and other improvements

The creators of Armiga promised an update and kept their word. In version 0.8 we get reduction of input-lag and support for AGA systems. The most serious drawback is fixed and using the mouse is now comfortable, in the previous edition the cursor had a sort of flying attitude. With the Armiga you can play your favorite Amiga games in all HD glory with the 720p output from the Armiga. Play them fullscreen (16:9) at original 4:3 or a something in between (3:2) and enhance them with scanlines, a CRT effect or plain pixel doubler. Bring in your games in the supplied 8GB Class10 microSD card or in a pendrive. Just plug it into any USB port and get instant access to them. Also use your PC-standard USB mouse, keyboard and gamepad. There are several editions available starting from €119 and €169 for a special black edition with all legal kickstarts and 8GB SD card. For more information or how to buy please visit the website

news source: Armiga project / image source: Armiga project

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