Uae4arm: Fast and powerful Amiga emulator for Android

The Amiga is 30 years old this year. And gamers of a certain age are feeling a bit nostalgic for that ol’ beige doorstop. We’re remembering days of playing Battle squadron,simcity 2000 and many more. The demo scene music on pirated games and the little plastic switch on floppy disks and Workbench and Deluxe Paint and naming your Worms after your friends. Want to relive them on your Android? First things first, go download Uae4arm off Google Play. That stands for “Universal Amiga Emulator”, which means it can do pretty much everything and play pretty much every game. Plus, it’s free!

news source: Google Play / image source: Pixabay, editing GenerationAmiga / download Uae4arm

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