In the mid ’90s, the Prevue Guide was an scrolling spreadsheet of many cable channels and told you what was on the air, Prevue Guide turned the Amiga in a legacy way after Commodore died. It all started when Commodore Amiga surpassed Atari as the cable industry’s computer of choice, especially after the release of NewTek’s Video Toaster in 1990. Newtek’s latest release made it possible to do complex video editing at a small fraction of the cost of other video-editing platforms, making it popular with local and national US based TV stations. And during the ’90s it represented the largest single way that most people were made aware of the Commodore Amiga in the United States as many cable providers ran their own local Commodore Amiga’s with channel listings. With over 40,000,000+ users(!) nation wide UVSG was more successful with the Prevue Channel than Commodore itself was with the Amiga. Later on in 1999 United Video Satellite Group paid 800 mullion US Dollars to purchase TV Guide from News Corp. The company moved away from the Commodore Amiga platform for good in late 2000, 6 year after Commodore’s demise! In the video you can watch this hidden Amiga succes story in action. For more insights please visit.


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