New optimized release of C&C: Tiberian Dawn for Vampire Amiga systems

Amiga Enthousiast Artur Jarosik released a new optimized release of Vanilla Conquer (V0.99) for Vampire accelerator cards and Vampire V4 SBC. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn was a big hit on many platforms. Through a combination of live-acted videos and rendered scenes, a story slowly begins to emerge of a future Earth where two factions are facing off. The enemy is the Brotherhood of Nod, a once secretive group that a corrupt U.S. defense contractor has covertly supplied with a massive amount of arms. The head of Nod, Kane, now wants nothing less than control of the world’s energy sources. Arrayed against the radical Nod are the forces of the United Nations Global Defense Initiative, or GDI, a multinational force sent to crush Nod incursions and regain conquered territory throughout the world.

news source: / download: Vanilla Conquer (V0.99)

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