New VideoToaster software

VT42 Is something special for all those, never had the chance to play with Newtek’s Video Toaster system. The author replaced the original binaries of the Video Toaster installation, so you can now discover the Video Toaster software without the VT hardware! The Toaster was announced at the World of Commodore expo in 1987 and released as a commercial product in December 1990 for the Commodore Amiga 2000 computer system, taking advantage of the video-friendly aspects of that system’s hardware to deliver the product at an unusually low cost. Although initially offered as just an add-on to an Amiga, the product was soon available as a complete turn-key system that included the Toaster, Amiga, and sync generator. These Toaster systems became very popular, primarily because at a cost of around $5,000 US, they could do much of what a $100,000 fully professional video switcher. As such, during the early 1990s the Toaster was widely used by consumer Amiga owners, desktop video enthusiasts, and local television studios, and was even used during The Tonight Show regularly to produce special effects for comedy skits. It was often easy to detect a studio that used the Toaster by the unique and recognizable special switching effects. The NBC television network also used the Video Toaster with LightWave for its promotional campaigns. An updated version called Video Toaster 4000 was later released, using the Amiga 4000’s video slot.


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