Coming soon: Enhancer Software 2.0 for AmigaOS

The new upcoming release will include the new RadeonHD 3.3 drivers to support more than 256MB of graphics memory, new X-Dock v2 archiving software (new backup and restore tool), and the new RadeonRX driver, with support for Radeon Polaris cards. The Enhancer Software package is a unique and powerful collection of productivity and utility software and drivers designed to enhance your AmigaOS 4.1 experience. The software is the result of many months of work by our team of committed developers, beta testers and volunteers at The Software Enhancer package is a blend of new applications and soft-ware updates. The Radeon 400 series cards were the first to feature the Polaris GPUs, using the new 14 nmFinFET manufacturing process. Polaris implements the 4th generation of the Graphics Core Next instruction set, and shares commonalities with the previous GCN microarchitectures. Release date is TBA…

news source: A-EON Technology / image source: A-EON Technology, editing by GenerationAmiga

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