Finish Amiga developer Juha Niemimaki has released new improved port of the famous Marathon FPS series for AmigaOS 4.1. The Aleph One engine allows you to play Marathon, Marathon Infinity and Marathon 2 games. Marathon 2 takes place seventeen years after the events of the first game. Durandal, one of the three artificial intelligences (AIs) from the colony ship UESC Marathon, sends the player and an army of ex-colonists to search the ruins of Lh’owon, the S’pht home-world. He does not mention what exactly he is looking for, although he does let it slip that the Pfhor are planning to attack Earth, and that being on Lh’owon may stall their advance. The Marathon 2 engine offered performance gains on some machines, in addition to support for higher resolutions and higher color depths. The enhanced engine also allows the loading of maps, physics and graphics from external files, allowing users to create and play their own maps more easily than with Marathon. Unlike the mostly silent corridors of the Marathon, the levels of Marathon 2 are filled with a wide variety of ambient sounds.

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