(updated)Amilator is the ultimate emulator based on the latest Kernel 4.9, Amilator is a new Amithlon style Linux + FS-UAE project where you can start any Amiga operating system from 1.x up to 4.x on any modern computer using a USB stick. Amithlon was  successful to get AmigaOS 3.9 running on cheap and modern x86 hardware. The goal was to make it feel as much like a real Amiga as possible. A linux kernel was modified to boot the x86 hardware and launch the Amithlon emulator, which has an advanced JIT 68k emulation at its core. Amiga-side drivers are capable of accessing the x86 hardware directly, or, using a abstraction layer that supports many underlying cards. It is also possible to compile x86 native code and run it within AmigaOS 3.9. (two download links, first is the authors personal dropbox account the other generationamiga.com)

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