BlitzMax Beta available on AmigaOS 4.X

BlitzMax is a BASIC dialect, and the latest Blitz language by Blitz Research Limited. It is the first to run on multiple operating systems; it runs on Mac OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows. The language is converted to assembler, then assembled – allowing it to be somewhat platform agnostic. BlitzMax is also the first modular version of the Blitz languages, improving the extensibility of the command-set. In addition, all of the standard modules shipped with the compiler are open-source and so can be tweaked and recompiled by the programmer if necessary. The current release for AmigaOS 4.x is currently with MiniGL Graphics support. Tested on Wazp3d however it is missing some of the proper masking and is painfully slow under emulation.

news source: GitHub / image source: Pixabay

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