Fantastic Dizzy, challenging adventure platformer classic

This game follows in the style of traditional puzzle games like King Quest where you exchange items to overcome obstacles and explore the area. For example- you find a key to open a door, you throw meat to a beast to get past it, you find some weedkiller to use on a Venus fly-trap so you can walk past…the game involves Dizzy exploring the huge world (which consists of castles, pirate ships, tree houses, mine shafts, beaches and a graveyard) and picking up various items lying around (like keys, bottles, rope, an umbrella) and then placing them in front of a specific obstacle to get past (like you find a bag of gold coins on the ground which you eventually give to a castle guard to bribe him so you can go past)

This sounds all easy. But you can only carry 3 items at a time- and to reach some further areas of the game you need more than 3 items. So, basically you spend your time travelling back and forth picking up various items and trying to remember where best you could use them. Dizzy can’t kill any of these enemies so you basically have to jump over them or avoid them. With only 3 lives to begin with you can earn more by playing sliding puzzle games. Apart from the puzzle solving- there are a variety of side quests/games you have to complete to finish the game such as riding a mine cart through an abandoned mine and being stuck at the bottom of the ocean and catching floating bubbles up to the surface. This game has strategy/puzzles similar to ‘Alex Kidd in High Tech World’ and ‘Kings Quest’ but the graphics/platforms remind me of ‘The New Zealand Story’. Because the game looks cartoony some people might dismiss it as just a kid’s game…but it requires a lot of patience and thinking to actually move through this game alive.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Fantastic Dizzy

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