New details of AmigaOne A1222 laptop kit released

Hans de Ruiter presented the DIY laptop kit for the A1222 motherboard during AmiWest 2017. Some new details have been released concerning this new promising AmigaOne project. The special DIY Mini-ITX laptop project has recently been codenamed PORTIA. The PORTIA variant is especially for AmigaOS 4.x fans who want a fully-featured portable machine that runs AmigaOS 4.x natively and includes full 3D graphics acceleration via Warp3D Nova 3D which, according to Hans, “will be the fastest path to a true AmigaOS laptop within an acceptable time-frame and cost”. A-EON Technology has agreed to assist him with the commercialisation and to help minimise the production cost of the DIY kit partsThe AmigaOne A1222 motherboard will be based on a Freescale QorIQ P1022 32-bit e500v2 dual-core PowerPC processor. This is essentially the little brother of the new AmigaOne X5000 computer but still offers genuine capabilities.

news source: A-EON technology / image source: GenerationAmiga (AmigaOne is a registered trademark of Cloanto in the US and Hyperion Entertainment in the European Economic Area)

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