A1222 Plus Production not immune to global semiconductor shortage

Over the last year, the electronic component industry has seen some of the sharpest climbs and steepest falls in both recovery and downturn. The lingering shortage has proven to be hard to recover from when the global supply chain is consistently thrown into chaos and disruption. A-EON Technology a leading AmigaOne computer manufacturer is offcourse not immune to the changing world and recently announced a new delay for the upcoming A1222 Plus. So, where does that leave us now? Trevor Dickinson made a short statement on his WordPress blog about the current state of the project. “One small micro-controller which costs $6.83 each in batches of 100+ is only available for delivery at the end of 2023. Although it can be purchased now from another trade supplier for the extortionate price of ~$420 each. The original A1222 board designer confirmed that he is experiencing problems with the supply of similar chip components for his current projects. The company he works for have taken to purchasing circuit boards containing the parts they need and stripping out the chips for their own prototypes. ACube and A-EON are continuing to look for alternative suppliers.” A-EON Technology Announced the A1222 during AmiWest 2016 and would retail for just €400(price could increase due inflation rates and electronic component price hikes). Based on a Freescale QorIQ P1022 32-bit e500v2 dual-core PowerPC processor. This is essentially the little brother of the new AmigaOne X5000 machines. The board will offer gigabit Ethernet and two SATA 2.6 controllers, as well as two internal and two external USB ports, and the x16 PCIe connector supports RadeonHD cards, which are the general target graphics boards for AmigaOS 4.x. There’s on-board sound and basic HMDI 1.3 graphics output up to 1080. Let’s hope for the best it would be sad to see this unique PowerPC project fail after so many years of dedication.

news source: Trevor Dickinson / image source: Pixabay 

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