Fanmade Atomic Bomberman released for AmigaOS 4.1

Goldencode released it’s reworked Atomic Bomberman from Interplay for AmigaOS 4.1. Interplay’s Atomic Bomberman is pleasingly simple. You control one of several different colored bombers from an overhead perspective. By clicking your button (the game can be fully customized so this can be any button that suits you) you drop lit bombs that explode after a few seconds. Using these bombs, you must destroy all of your opponents. By collecting icons that are hidden within the walls you can arm your bomber with power-ups, such as additional bombs, more powerful bombs, acceleration, the ability to kick bombs, and the ability to throw bombs. All in all, if you are a new player you can expect to spend at most five minutes learning how to play. The original game data files are required to play this game.

news source: OS4depot / image source: Interplay / download Atomic Bomberman

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