Cannon Fodder: WAR! Never been so much fun!

Cannon Fodder blasts off with one of the best game tunes of ’93. As the song plays you are treated to a menagerie of digitised shots of the Sensible Software team dressed up as soldiers. As good a way as any ot get your face in a game I suppose. Once all this tomfoolery has finished it is then time to enter the war zone. Cannon Fodder is the best thing since gun powder. It is bloody brilliant. So, what is it about? Simply put: shooting, shooting, shooting, more shooting and, just for a change, a few explosions. That is it. No fancy storylines. No deep and meaningful scenarios. Just grab a handful of recruits, drop them in a war zone and then blast everything in sight. There are 72 missions to complete, each one has a different terrain and objective.

The control system is worth mentioning simply because it is so good. The mouse pointer is swept around the screen and more of the terrain is shown to you. By clicking on that point with the left button, your squadron of troops will move to that point. The right button is your killing button. When pressed it lets rip with a deadly hail of bullets from your soldiers. If you use a combination of both buttons you can use your grenades or bazookas which causes major destruction upon the enemy. The missions involve lots and lots of killing, with the occasional spot of hostage rescue thrown in before masses more killing. Strictly speaking, the missions break down to killing everyone, blowing up all the buildings, rescuing prisoners, taking hostages and protecting civilians. Cannon Fodder will keep you playing and playing and playing and playing for weeks and weeks.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Cannon Fodder

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