Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Battle against hordes of Aliens

The inhabitants of a mining colony on Azarin 2E discover that they were not the first to set up shop on the planet, when hungry alien creatures that have been there for years decide the outpost will make a great banqueting hall.Before they get chomped, the humans manage to get a mayday to your combat ship. You join a bunch of marines in an assault on the tower complex but – oh dear – everyone else gets killed, leaving you to sort the Breed out yourself. A new puzzle element has been introduced on some of the levels but don’t fear shoot ’em up fans, this accounts for only a small percentage of the total game.

For instance, one of the earlier routes requires all the auxiliary generators ina zone to be found and activated before a door later in the level will open. The other main new gameplay feature is the retreat mode which lets the player fire behind while running away. Although only a small point it helps avoid the frustration of say, trying to open a door while an alien sneaks up behind and attacks. As well multiple exit points the levels themselves are much more variety packed than has often been the case. For instance some levels are set in the dark with only the aliens’ eyes and a torch providing limited vision. The effect is similar to the night driving sequence in the old arcade game Spy Hunter, if anyone can remember that far back.

There’s new variets of alien too, including ones which burst from cocoons and others that are invisible. Upon playing Tower Assault though, its improvements in the audiovisuals which are first apparent. There’s far more graphical detail here than had been the case previously. Player sprites and backgrounds in particular deserve special praise, being both highly detailed and fluidly animated. Tower Assault rates as one of the best Alien Breed games. Andin a two-player game, it’s compulsive, fantastic to play and one of the best blasts.

news source: various sources / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Alien Breed: Tower Assault

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