Star Wars Dark Forces is now playable on modern PCs

Star Wars: Dark Forces is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by LucasArts. It was released in 1995 for MS-DOS and Macintosh, and in 1996 for the PlayStation. The game received largely favorable reviews from critics, who praised its level design and technological advances. It also did well financially, selling almost 1 million copies in the United States by 1999. Dark Forces follows a central storyline outlined in mission briefings and cutscenes. Each mission includes specific objectives which are related to the story. The missions take place in a variety of environments across the Star Wars universe, including a Star Destroyer interior, Jabba the Hutt’s yacht, and the planet Coruscant, where the player must infiltrate a computer vault. The team behind The Force Engine has released Version 1.0, after almost 3 years of development. The Force Engine offers GPU Renderer with perspective correct pitch – play at much higher resolutions with improved performance, high Resolution and Widescreen support, optional Quality of Life improvements, such as full mouselook, aiming reticle, improved Boba Fett AI, autorun, and more!

News source: theforceengine / watch on Youtube / download TFE 1.0

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