First playable Amiga demo released of Ftype

Ftype is a new upcoming action game for Commodore Amiga computers and developed in Amiblitz3. The game is made by indie game developer
Fabrizio Radica (creator of Sprint2076) and is best playable on Amiga 1200 computers. As you travel onward and upward, killing the aliens and robots will result in your ship becoming an increasingly potent force. Graphically, Ftype is very good. Detailed sprites and excellent backdrops ranging from Uridium-esque metallic backgrounds. Ftype is a good, fast, exciting and enjoyable shoot-’em-up demo release. It hardly drains the brain, but then that’s not what it is supposed to do. 

news source: / image source: Generation Amiga / watch on Youtube / download Ftype demo

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