20 Years ago, Command & Conquer: Generals changed RTS gaming forever

Early 2003 EA Games released one of the greatest RTS games ever. Command & Conquer: Generals, it was the seventh installment in the already famous Command & Conquer series. In the United Kingdom, it sold over 100,000 units during the first half of 2003. This made it the United Kingdom’s second-best-selling computer game for the period. The parties to the conflict are represented by three warring factions: the United States, China and the Global Liberation Army. The states and the Chinese cooperate with each other throughout the game, trying to resist terrorists from the Middle East. Each of the three campaigns includes 7 story missions. The order China – GAO – USA is considered the canonical passage. The events of the Chinese script originate in Beijing. The plot is followed by an incident called Three Gorges. The GLA scenario is contrasted with the Chinese scenario. The action takes place in Baikonur. The campaign for the United States will demand to stop the actions of the GLA and arrest the Chinese military leader who sided with the eastern terrorists. All factions in Command & Conquer: Generals have differences and individual mechanics.

The Americans are fighting with modern technology, the Chinese are fighting with the number of troops, and the terrorist forces are represented by powerful chemical weapons. The gameplay differs from Tiberian Sun or Red Alert in that Generals do not rely on protagonists. The player gains “General Points” by leveling up and unlocking various abilities. By earning bonuses, you can get access to an air strike order or the ability to repair combat vehicles anywhere on the map, etc. Each side has its own unique weapon. America has a molecular bond gun, China has a nuclear missile, and GAO has a SCUD-class missile at their disposal, spreading anthrax. In September 2003, an expansion pack called Generals – Zero Hour was released, which continues the story of Generals. Lets hope that EA Games will sooner or later develop a remastered edition of this great RTS classic!

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