New update released of Scorpion Engine: develop your first Amiga game in a few days

Unleash your creativity with Scorpion Engine and create all kinds of games: platformers, shoot’em up, 8-bit, hyper-casual games… the sky is the limit. With Scorpion Engine, you can make simple projects for fun, create ambitious indie games like Super Delivery Boy, The Street Fighter 2, and much more… You don’t need to be a programmer, have coding experience, or have a large budget. With a good idea, motivation, and interest in gaming, you can develop your first Amiga game in a few days. The new update offers a new open source game sample: The David Crane’s Ghostbusters inspired “Elf Spirit Hunters”, new “asset bundles” system allows you to be very granular about which sound effects and animations are in memory at any one time, and much more… You can download the latest version on GitHub. The engine is only compatible with Microsoft Windows but allows easy exporting to the Amiga eco-system.

New source: GitHub / download Scorpion Engine

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