New update of ProTracker 2 released for Amiga computers

Trackers have been a favoured way of making music on the Commodore Amiga ever since Karsten Obarski introduced this novel approach to create soundtracks. Although there were more powerful programs around when the first Soundtracker appeared, the ease of use made the Soundtracker a winner amongst the many amateur musicians. To get the computer to sound like real instruments, digitized sounds are used, i.e. samples. A sample is a sequence of bytes which describes the waveform of the sound. Each byte represents one point on the waveform. Depending on the wave, it will sound like a piano, a guitar or even a cow bell or a drum. If you think this sounds difficult, don’t despair. It’s fully possible to make wonderful music without knowing anything about digitized sound. The new update offers minor fixes and improvements.

news source: GitHub / download Protracker 2 LHA or ADF

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