Platforming legend The NewZealand Story returns on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The NewZealand Story is a great classic has been re-released on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The NewZealand Story is a 1988 arcade game developed by Taito. The player controls Tiki, a kiwi bird who sets out to rescue his friends and girlfriend Phee-Phee from the clutches of Wally, a leopard seal who has kidnapped them to sell at zoos. Tiki is armed with a bow and arrow and must navigate through maze-like levels filled with quirky enemies and obstacles. The game features unique gameplay elements, such as Tiki’s ability to pilot different vehicles and come back to life after death by escaping heaven. The game is known as Kiwi Kraze in the US. The NewZealand Story was a huge success in both arcade and home markets. It sold many copies on platforms like ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Commodore Amiga. Tiki, the protagonist, has become one of gaming’s most recognizable characters

news source: Store-PS

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