After 27 years, Amiga Shmup ‘1993 Shenandoah’ launches on Switch

Shenandoah: Daughter of the Stars, a shoot-’em-up made by four Swedish teenagers, was just about finished and ready for a release on the Commodore Amiga in 1993. Then the project collapsed, and its Swedish developers split up. However, developer Krister Karlsson never really gave up on his game project and now 27 years later his project ultimately came to fruition and is finally released on Nintendo Swith. Your mission is to take down evil Colonel Nestor and bring back the Shenandoah. Towards the end of the Interstellar Wars, chaos spread and one band of elite mercenaries acted more like pirates and looters than actual soldiers. The leader of this group was the notorious and infamous Colonel Nestor. Without a doubt the biggest prize of their looting was the Shenandoah, a device designed to terraform barren planets. With this device Nestor and his men started to build an army that now poses a great threat to the known star systems. The game is still only using the original graphics, sound, and effects from the Amiga production. The game offers the ability to play through the game’s 15 levels with 4 friends and each player can craft a unique ship with custom armaments.

news source: nintendolife / image source: Youtube / watch on Youtube

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