Dwarf Fortress game blows up, sees 46,000% increase in earnings

Dwarf Fortress is a complex simulation game that was in a free public alpha for over a decade using text-based graphics. In 2019, the creators announced that an enhanced version of the game would be released on Steam and itch.io, which was finally released in December 2022. Dwarf Fortress is a highly regarded cult classic video game that has been creating stories of success and failure for nearly 20 years. It is known for its immense depth, but the accessibility of the game was limited by its text-based ASCII graphics, difficult keyboard controls, and the need for fan-created mods and tilesets to make the game more user-friendly. The premium release on Steam, however, brings new graphics and numerous quality-of-life improvements that make the game more accessible to a new generation of players while preserving its amazing depth and storytelling capabilities. One of the unique features of Dwarf Fortress is that the dwarves in the game have their own simulated personalities, thoughts, memories, preferences, skills, relationships, and physical traits. These elements of the dwarves’ inner lives can be viewed through menus or seen in the game’s graphics. The complexity of the simulation means that the dwarves can sometimes make unexpected decisions based on their individual personalities, leading to situations that can be funny, frustrating, or touching. The procedural nature of the game adds to the unpredictability of the dwarves’ actions, making each playthrough a unique experience. Despite it’s simplicty, Dwarf Fortress is a tremendous succes on Steam. Something the developer never expected and for sure not  €6,500,000 in earnings from a 46,000% increase in sales.

news source: Steam / watch gameplay on Youtube

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