New overhaul of Flying Shark for Amiga: a nostalgic soar through arcade skies

The new upcoming Amiga remake of “Flying Shark” does a great job of recreating the arcade original’s visual charm. The new updated pixel art graphics, will evoke a strong sense of nostalgia for many gamers. The game is currently undergoing a remake with the collaborative efforts of Magnus T, JMD, and John Tsakiris (GFX). In “Flying Shark” players assume the role of a pilot embarking on a perilous mission to eliminate a relentless enemy army. The gameplay is straightforward yet incredibly addictive: maneuver your fighter plane vertically, dodge enemy fire, and unleash a torrent of bullets and missiles to obliterate foes. The game’s difficulty curve is steep, demanding quick reflexes and precise evasion skills. Each stage presents a progressively challenging onslaught of adversaries, from standard aircraft to formidable bosses. “Flying Shark” provides limited power-ups and extra lives, making every decision crucial to survival.

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