7 Great classic Amiga games released on Android

In an era in which the most common form of microcomputer was an Wintel system with a text-only display and a tinny internal speaker, the Commodore Amiga had dazzling color graphics and stereo sound. Its Intuition user interface looked like the Mac, but offered an advanced feature known as multitasking. Commodore International sold millions of Amiga’s. People who liked the system really liked it, and its graphical chops were so potent that it was the first PC widely used by TV broadcasters and movie studios. And the Amiga had a lot of great games far ahead of it’s time, here 7 great Amiga games for your Android!

“What better subject for a French studio to make a strategy game about than the US civil war? North & South remake puts a modern spin on the Amiga classic 1989 tactical title. orth & South is an offshoot of the Belgian comic series Les Tuniques Bleues from Dupuis which is based on the American Civil War. The player basically acts out the Civil War, choosing to play as either the North or the South. The player may choose to start the game year from 1861 to 1864. Each year has a different array of armies and states that each side starts with. North & South contains a lot of humorous elements and is great Commodore Amiga classic!

Alien Breed is the classic sci-fi, top-down shooter developed by Team17. Launching originally in 1991. Wave after wave of black, evil looking aliens suddenly appear at the next turn while you struggle to obtain ammo, health and enough digital key cards to make it through the security doors in time. Fail to collect these items, especially the key cards and you become surrounded, confused and in total panic as your life bar is being drained while the main character screams in agony. This is pure gaming master class all the way.

R-Type is a side scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game produced by Irem in 1987. The player controls a space fighter named the R-9 to defend humanity against a mysterious powerful alien life-form known as the “Bydo”. Each level ends with a boss, which you can defeat through skill, timing, and practice. Weaponry ranges from the standard low-power cannon to a wave cannon. You’ll also get a choice of additional guns controlled by a Force, which attaches these secondary guns to the front, side, or back of the Arrowhead.

One of the most striking Amiga games of them all, Another World has been released on Android with updated HD graphics. Happily, you can easily switch back to “16-bit mode” to enjoy the game as it was originally intended. Another World puts you in control of physics researcher Lester Knight Chaykin, who find himself cast into an alien world.

Defender of the crown is a game set in England in 1149 during the Middle Ages where, following the death of the king, different factions are fighting for territorial control. The player assumes the role of a Saxon (Wilfred of Ivanhoe, Cedric of Rotherwood, Geoffrey Longsword or Wolfric the Wild) and tries to fight off the Norman hordes and wrestle for control of England. Eventually, the player must fight for control of all territories, and potentially those controlled by other Saxons, if they have become antagonistic. The player must amass armies and fight for control of opponents’ castles. The player may engage enemy armies in battle, loot or lay siege to opposing castles. Territories can also be won in the periodic jousting contests. The first public demonstration of Defender of the Crown occurred at the Los Angeles Commodore Show in September 1986, before its November release, and attracted a huge crowd.

Wings plunges the player into a World War I air campaign against German targets across occupied Europe. Wings! features an amazing 240 original levels, dropping you into epic dogfights, strafing runs, and bombing missions. Developed and published by Cinemaware that was originally released for the Amiga in 1990! In 1993, Amiga World ranked Wings third on their list of all-time Amiga game hits. In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked Wings for the Amiga as the 65th best game of all time for its masterful combination of arcade action, flight simulation, and cinematic story.

The Great Giana Sisters is a 1987 platform game developed by Time Warp Productions and published by Rainbow Arts. Each level contains a number of dream crystals, which gives points when collected in order to make the game’s high score. An extra life can be gained by collecting 100 dream crystals. Extra lives can also be found in the form of hidden “Lollipop” items. Enemies can be defeated by jumping on them or shooting them after obtaining the relevant powerups. The enemies include owls, rolling eyeballs, flesh-eating fish and deadly insects. The “Fire Wheel” transforms Giana into a punk with the ability to crush rocks by jumping beneath them. Great Giana Sisters has gained a strong cult following over the years, citing its strong soundtrack and unique charm. Chris Hülsbeck’s soundtrack for the game has become one of the most popular video game soundtracks of all time.

news source: Wikipedia / image source: GenerationAmiga

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