Flashback, excellent arcade adventure game

In Delphine’s Flashback you take the role of a young scientist who, by inventing a pair of glasses which can read molecular density, discovers that aliens have infiltrated society. Once the aliens realise this, they kidnap you and drop you on their planet with a blank mind. Flashback is an arcade adventure from the team that brought you Another World, but this is far more basic, going more for the traditional platform adventure. Unfortunately, this means puzzles where you have to find an object and give it to someone else. Yawn. On the upside, loads and loads of action! You begin the game with few possessions and no idea as to who or where you are. Move one screen down and you find a holocube which gives you some idea of what to do. 0ff you trot and before long you’re picking up stones and using them to open doors, or manipulating lifts using an intricate set of foot switches. The game is played over seven levels, and each level is cleverly broken down into segments. Flashback is one hell of a good game. Its mix of quality animation and all-out blasting make it highly recommended.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Flashback

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