Microids announces Flashback 2 is in production

For those who are unfamiliar, the original Flashback released in 1992. Delphine Software’s science fiction platformer follows a scientist named Conrad B. Hart. Conrad wakes up on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, with no memory of his past after he fled a space ship. In his quest to return to Earth, Conrad must fight against the planet’s dangers and uncover a plan to destroy the planet. The game is played over seven levels, and each level is cleverly broken down into segments. Flashback is one hell of a good game. Its mix of quality animation and all-out blasting make it highly recommended. After 30 years, Flashback is finally getting a sequel. Microids, the publisher behind 2018’s Flashback: Remastered Edition, announced today that Flashback 2 will arrive late 2022. The original game’s creator, Paul Cuisset, is on board to lead the action platformer’s development.

news source: Microids / image source: Generationamiga

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