New optimized release of Doom for AmigaCD32 released

The great Doom, father of the FPS genre is making a comeback on the worlds first 32bit game console. Doom is considered to be one of the pioneering first-person shooter games, introducing to IBM-compatible computers features such as 3D graphics, third-dimension spatiality, networked multiplayer gameplay, and support for player-created modifications with the Doom WAD format. Since the release of Doom in 1993, the series has spawned numerous sequels, expansion packs, and a film. Many credit it as starting the FPS genre. Since its debut, over 10 million copies of games in the Doom series have been sold. The Commodore Amiga CD32 requires 8MB of fast-ram.

news source: EAB / image source: GenerationAmiga / download Doom AmigaCD32

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