A real 68000 Amiga with ECS chipset is unleashed, here is ‘Amy’

The AmigaOne PowerPC computers and upcoming ARM based Vampire V4 accelerators are challenged by ‘Amy’. Far from the power of AmigaOne’s or Vampire accelerators have to offer but Amy comes close in being authentic. This new upcoming Mini-ITX format motherboard isn’t some sort FPGA, it’s the real deal and based on the famous Motorola 68k cpu architecture and offers ECS with 2MB of chipram. This new motherboard is without doubt a big surprise in Amiga-land and can be upgraded with the open source Terrible Fire accelerators and also offers 2 x Zorro 2, PS2 ports, Parallel, Serial, 15-pin video output and the capability of connecting disk drives or Gotek. The project is still ongoing and about 25 motherboards have been produced but this could change if there is enough demand for it the Amiga/retro community. 

news source: Amy-itx / image source: Flickr

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