Forget Doom and Quake, Barbie Fashion Designer defeated them all

The game industry was very exciting in the 90’s and many of us still love playing Doom or Quake. But Doom and Quake are defeated by a very unexpected competitor. Say hello to Barbie Fashion Designer! Barbie Fashion Designer was the ninth best-selling PC game of 1996 in the United States, with 393,575 CD-ROM units sold and Barbie Fashion Designer went on to sell over 500,000 copies in its first two months of release and over 600,000 within the first year of its release, outselling Quake (550.000 units) and Doom(140.000 units) in first year sales. A very funny fact indeed and Barbie Fashion Designer is probably the very first game that changed the rules of gaming forever; we boys got kicked… In the game, players designed clothes for their dolls by choosing from a menu of themes such as vacation or party outfit, styles such as jackets or pants, and patterns and colors. Players printed the outfit on special paper-backed fabric, and color markers, fabric paint, and other materials were included in the packaging.

news source: wikipedia / watch gameplay of Barbie Fashion Designer

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