Hyperion Withdraws US registrations of ‘Amiga’ and logos

Belgian based Hyperion Entertainment best known for the development of PowerPC based AmigaOS 4.X and AmigaOne computers withdraws its registrations for the US trademark ‘Amiga’, V-mark and the famous ‘Boingball’ logo. The AmigaOne X1000, X5000 and upcoming A1222 are PowerPC based personal computers intended as a high-end platform for AmigaOS 4.x. The PowerPC computers are made by A-Eon Technology in partnership with Hyperion Entertainment. The AmigaOne X1000 was launched in 2012 with a 64-bit dual-core PowerPC CPU at 1.8 GHZ. The AmigaOne X5000/20 was released in October 2016, designed around Freescale’s P5 64-bit dual-core PowerPC CPU at 2.0 GHz. The upcoming A1222(announced in 2014) features a Freescale P1022 32-bit dual-core PowerPC CPU at 1.2GHz.

news source: Amiga-news.de / image source: Wikipedia

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