Cloanto corporation has released a new update of it’s commercial Amiga and Commodore64 emulation package. The new release offers several improvements and bugfixes. The 7th forever version of Amiga Forever adds enhanced PowerPC support, autostart PC into favorite Amiga configuration, a high DPI UI for 4k+ displays, and so much more. Amiga Forever 7 is a preservation suite, it’ll successfully play anything you wish to throw at it, classics or otherwise. More than that, you can create your own games in there, or edit code, play around with the famous Amiga operating system, watch videos, read articles and check out awesome demos that made the Commodore Amiga popular. By purchasing Amiga Forever, you’re also purchasing the best software based Amiga ever, and that means more than games to somebody who loved the system in the eighties or nineties. Amiga Forever has most useful options preconfigured or easily selectable via icons placed around the emulation window itself. Full-screen controls, input devices, save states and more are all accessible here. Links to legal download repositories for many lost Amiga classics are built into the software, so when you tire of the included content, finding more isn’t difficult. All standard Amiga formats are supported, so your own library of converted disks can be used as well. It’s all designed to be as painless as possible, and it works like a charm. Amiga Forever 7 Value Edition will only cost 9,95 euros, Amiga Forever 7 Plus Edition 29,95 euros, Amiga Forever 7 Premium Edition 49,95 euros. 

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