Blood Money, Killing for cash on four alien worlds

Greed is the driving force behind this game, but then it has always been high on the cast list in a game where the rewards of success are fortune and incompetence brings only death. There are four planets to conquer, each one boasting an entry fee from $100 to $400. Choosing the second planet at a cost of $200 is possible, but you won’t be left with any cash to purchase vital extra weaponry. Cash is obtained by shooting hostile planetary inhabitants and collecting the coins they drop. Miss the coins and you lose out on the money. Some aliens are worth more than others but take more shots to destroy. You will encounter five basic types of monsters: blastables, money munchers, stationary and massive invulnerable creatures. The blastables are in greatest abundance and come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Money munchers won’t kill you but steal your money instead so should be quickly blasted. Stationary aliens are at a fixed point on the screen, but usually spin around and cause instant death should you touch them. Earth and sky bound missiles increase your firing shots and cover a wider area which dramatically increase your destructive powers. Bombs kill off the enemy quickly, but send gates spinning around like a Catherine wheel, making it impossible for you to pass. Rear firing missiles help protect your back and long range missiles let you knock enemies out of the sky from a safer distance. Speed-up gives you the necessary speed to get you out of tight spots, but you do lose out in situations where precise manoeuvrability is required. A force-field purchase gives you short-lived invulnerability. It may not be an original concept and boiled to basics it is just another shoot-em-up, but that does not stop it from being a hugely addictive game that will keep you blasting for months. The two player option offers simultaneous play which keeps two people happy at once. This game is so visually brilliant and possesses those classic addictive qualities that once you have picked up your joystick you just won’t want to put it back down again…

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Blood Money

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