Leander: Definitely a platform game worth leaping for

Princess Lucanna had nust turned 18. In fact today was her birthday. But today was the day that Thanatos decided to rise from his “pit of anguish”, depart his prison of torment and take revenge for whoever had trapped him in this interminable prison. He deserved it though – he was officially classed as evil. The rulers of Honschu, where Lucanna lived, were the nice chaps who had put him away, and it was them that Thanatos, or Thanny for short, was after. To cut a long story short, one full of needless long words and sentences. Thanny kidnaps Lucanna and intends to use her life force to feed his own and ultimately destroy Honschu.

Leander is the palace guard who’s been bonking Lucanna on the quiet. They both reckon it is undying love, but listen to an old hand, it is pure lust. The emperor summoned Leander and told him he knew about the illicit trysts in the garden but would forgive him if he rescued her. Leander is well-polished: fluid character animation, coupled with easy controls and a gallery full of classy graphics. Perhaps the secret of Leander’s success lies in the unadulterated slickness of everything. Arcade quality in every aspect, it’s the carefully developed little details which add up to a satisfying jump and slash adventure. It is little touches like these, coupled with the addictive gameplay that raises Leander head and shoulders above most other platform games, and is certainly recommended.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Leander Amiga, Atari

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