MS-DOS Classic Death Rally debutes on the Amiga platform

The game has been announced by Amiga programmer BSzilii(also responsible for porting other great MS-DOS classics such as Blake Stone, Blood, Shadow Warrior,…) in April 2023 but is now available on Aminet. Death Rally is a top-down arcade racing game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Apogee Software. It was originally released in 1996 for MS-DOS and later ported to various other platforms. Death Rally received generally positive reviews upon its release and has since become a cult classic in the racing game genre. Players take on the role of a rookie driver competing in deadly races against other drivers in a dystopian world. The game features a variety of weapons and power-ups, allowing players to blast opponents off the track and collect cash rewards to upgrade their vehicles. The gameplay is fast-paced and intense, with tight controls and challenging AI opponents. The graphics, while dated by today’s standards, were well-received at the time of release and add to the game’s retro charm. One aspect that stood out to many players and reviewers was the game’s dark humor and over-the-top violence, which added an extra layer of fun and excitement. The mix of racing and combat elements made it a unique and engaging experience for players. If you are a fan of retro arcade racing games and enjoy a bit of combat, Death Rally from 1996 might be a game worth checking out.

source: Aminet 

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