Pinball Dreams 2: Playable Amiga demo available

Polish Amiga developer Tukinem is working on a port of Pinball Dreams 2, released in 1995 by 21st Century Entertainment for MS-DOS only. The sequel brings us 4 new tables; Neptune, Safari, Revenge of the Robot Warriors and Stallturn. The four tables are extremely large and dish up plenty of challenge and ball-flipping fun, with visuals that are impressively varied and detailed, with sound effects that are equally flashy and which add much to the atmosphere. Any pinball game requires decent controls and fortunately these are as straightforward and responsive as you could hope and which help to keep the action fast and furious. As with real pinball, each table will have its secrets and its combos which can multiply your score or lead to changes in the physics of the game. So, you will find that the game will reward you if you are consistent and try to exploit it as much as possible. The game is currently in beta stage but you can download it for free and start flippering on you’re Amiga right away!

news source: / image source: Youtube / download Pinball Dreams 2 Demo

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