Tech demo released of enhanced Street Fighter II for Amiga

Street Fighter 2 was a phenomenon unto itself: not quite as big as Mario, but twice as exploited. The Street Fighter 2 coin-op has already become a classic of the Nineties. It all seems a far cry from the days of the original coin-op, made famous by its gigantic, pressure-sensitive fire buttons that you literally had to pummel if you were going to make any indentation on your opponent’s energy level. Street Fighter 2: Amiga edition is as close to the arcade version as a 68000 with a single fire button is going to get. The Amiga version is hated and loved by many, so Neeso Games created a new tech demo using the Scorpion Engine and the result is amazing. You can download the tech demo in ADF format.

news source: Neeso Games / image source: Youtube / watch on Youtube / download SF2 tech demo

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