Connect a PS4 controller on Amiga or Commodore 64 computers

Joysticks were undoubtedly the most common game controllers used in the early days of video gaming. There were two types available: analogue and digital sticks. The digital type is often referred to as an 8-way-joystick. Analogue controllers were the less common, and predominantly used in arcade machines or with personal computers. Video game consoles and home computers preferred the digital layout. A new DIY project nicknamed ‘mouSTer’ is the ideal solution for retro gamers searching for a way to use modern game controllers on there beloved nostalgic computer systems. mouSTer combines a DB9 plug and USB via a small microcontroller allowing the firmware to be transferred over the USB connection. The firmware will include extra config options for Commodore 64, Spectrum, Atari, and every other possible retro machine including PS4 pad support for all retro platforms. The release date of the mouSTer project is TBA, but you can check the project page for more information.

news source: Hackaday / image source: Sony / mouSTer project page

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