C-A Acquisition unveils new company name: Amiga Corporation

C-A Acquisition Corp. recently announced a new company name, ‘Amiga Corporation’, highlighting the role of the company. In 2012, Amiga Inc. completed the transfer of some copyrights to Cloanto. In February 2019, C-A Acquisition(cloanto) acquired all Amiga-related rights of Amiga Inc. The director of Amiga Corporation and Cloanto, Mike Battilana announced to keep a low profile until legal disputes with Hyperion Entertainment have reached a final settlement in court (Q4/2020). The Belgian based Hyperion Entertainment (best known for AmigaOS 4.x and AmigaOne PowerPC computers made by A-EON Technology) is currently facing internal strives between the majority holder Ben Hermans and current director Timothy de Groote. Some sources claim that Ben Hermans sued Timothy de Groote last November 2019. If true then Hyperion Entertainment will have a new director in the near future and this will hopefully introduce a new roadmap for future development of the OS and AmigaOne computers. Currently, Trevor Dickinson, Costel Mincea, Timothy de Groote and the Frieden Brothers, are still shareholders of Hyperion Entertainment but there amount of shares is marginal compared to the vast majority of shares owned by Ben Hermans. The vision of Amiga computing started in September 1982, Jay Miner and friends set up another chip-set project under a new company in California, called Hi-Toro later renamed to Amiga, they started to create a new 68000-based games console, that could be upgraded to a full-fledged computer. The initial start-up financing of Amiga Corporation was provided by three dentists in Florida, who later regained their investment once Commodore bought the company.

news source: Amiga-news.de (2) / image source: GenerationAmiga

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