RuneScape gets its first new combat skill, Necromancy

Jagex released “RuneScape,” a fantasy MMORPG, in January 2001 it quickly gained popularity for its accessible gameplay and expansive world. “RuneScape” is set in the fictional world of Gielinor, offering players the opportunity to create their characters and embark on adventures in a vast open-world environment. The game features a classless progression system, allowing players to develop their characters’ skills in various areas such as combat, crafting, magic, and more. Now in 2023, over two decades from release, RuneScape is finally adding its first new combat skill, Necromancy, and it’s available to play right now. The 29th skill, and first new combat skill for RuneScape is a brand new standalone combat style, and the first of its kind across the 20 year long history of Runescape. Necromancy will be free for players up to level 20, and will scale to level 120 for Members. According to the roadmap of the developer there is a lot to come for fans of this never ending game.

New source and vide: Youtube

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