The New Zealand Story, addictive and cute platformer

“Life in the Zoological Gardens of New Zealand’s North Island is happy and carefree for Tiki, his girlfriend Phee-phee and all of the kiwi colony until Wally Walrus comes to town. Suddenly feathers are flying as Wally captures the defenseless kiwis and carries them off to cages hidden in zoos and parks all over New Zealand. The poor kiwis are trapped, as they await their terrible fate as the next course on Wally’s fresh kiwi menu! However, while Wally is busy thinking of his next meal, our quick thinking hero, Tiki, escapes and plans a rescue mission to save his friends and beloved Phee-phee. A quest against time begins as Tiki battles with Wally’s villainous friends through the maze-like worlds of New Zealand’s zoos, finally coming face with the evil Walrus for the battle of his life.”

The New Zealand Story is a 1988 coin-op by Taito that became an immediate favorite of many gamers. The game is a direct port of the arcade game, and very little has changed gameplay-wise. For the few who don’t know, it’s a typical Taito cute platformer in the vein of Rainbow Islands, but with multi-scrolling maze stages and with a lot more emphasis on shooting action. Your hero is an heavy armed bird that can use arrows, lasers, bombs and fireballs to destroy the evil guys. Plus, he can fly once he gets the right vehicles, such as air ballons. And he can even swim underwater for a limited time, and squirt water to his opponents! He’s a tough guy, really! The gameplay is intact and the game is fun to play as every bit as the original. Highly recommended for those who want a challenge, but everyone should give it a look, because it’s a Taito (Ocean Amiga Version) timeless classic very fun to play.

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download The New Zealand story

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